Walmart in Williston

Shopping is NOT fun here. I repeat… oh never mind, you get the point. The worst thing for me is that there are no fun places to shop. I’m not a big spender when it comes to just buying superfulous stuff. I like to window shop though and you can’t do that here. Walmart doesn’t count. There are no malls, and very very few mom and pop stores. I can see I’m going ot have to travel into Canada soon to find something to look at. Walmart in Williston

Walmart is a nightmare. An absolute nightmare. Normally I try to be snotty and have some moral high ground when it comes to Walmart but I realized here that I don’t have that luxury. So since I have to go there, I try to do it only once a month. This walmart is literally unlike any in the country. I don’t know the numbers (I’ll look for them) but I have heard this walmart does more in sles in one month than any other Walmart does in a year. Having lived here for a few months, I believe it. It takes longer to check out than it does to shop. Average time we spend in line waiting to check out: 45 minutes.

The picture above is one I took and is typcal for what this Walmart awlays looks like. They cannot turn stock over fast enough. Every  isle has row after row of pallets just needing to be put away. Top that with not being able to find enough workers (they only start at 18.00 an hour) and you have a recipe for a nightmare that I cannot do more than once a month.

I’ll have more to write on Walmart later, right now I’m just venting.

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  1. Erin says

    And what’s worse is the high possibility of being jumped in the parking lot for the merchandise you purchased… Or if you’re a woman shopping alone….just because! Beware and be careful!

    • My Life in Williston says

      I make it a rule not to do much at night alone. That being said, crime is shockingly low here and for every one man that might try and take advantage or approach you, there are 100 that will come to your aid.

  2. kathy says

    I live in Midland TX, our choices were here or Williston ND, so I find this blog fascinating. A lot of people here complain so next time I’ll post a link to this blog and say “You’ve got it GOOD here! Check out this blog and see what it’s like THERE!” But on the note about women shopping alone, I noticed that ND allows for concealed carry with a permit… just a thought. Hey I live in Texas and that’s our mentality!

  3. Holly says

    I guess when you’re the only game in town you can roll like that – and I detest Wal-Mart!!! I’m with you – they need a TARGET! I wait in line 30-45 min to check out at our local WalMart the very few times I go there, but at least the stock gets put out! What a crazy place. You need to write a BOOK! LOL

  4. says

    It sounds to me like Williston needs an entrepreneurial woman (hint hint) to open up a fabulous boutique up there! We have several locally owned specialty clothing/decorating/accessories shops here in Bismarck. Maybe a little road trip down this way will inspire you to branch out?

  5. Shannon says

    Amazing when you say Walmart ONLY pays $18 an hour. I have a bachelors degree with two endorsements and make less than that working as an elementary substitute teacher with no benefits. Not that I would ever work there(because of company ethics, or lack of), but an interesting comparison in skill/education vs needed workers.

    • janine says

      I have worked for walmart and they are not a bad company to work for they do care about their employees

      • Mark says

        Not true. Maybe the store you worked for, but the Walmart today in general could care less. Go ahead. Just do a Google News search for Walmart. Its eye opening.

        And yes I work for Walmart and have for many many years. Its not pretty.

        They are purposely understaffing stores resulting in worse sales, worse customer service, and horribly empty shelves.

        Purposely hiring more temps and part timers and fewer full timers. They have greatly reduced good quality available insurance. The list goes on and on.

        Walmart has quickly degraded company and nationwide the past 3 years.

        And $17 an hour starting wage in an area like Williston is like making $4 an hour everywhere else. Regardless of if its Walmart, McDonalds or whoever. They are fully capable of paying more. But they won’t. Why? Because simple put they could care less.

        Smaller companies are paying upwards of $20 or more an hour with better benefits. The logic as to how they can but multi-billion dollar companies can’t is mind boggling.

        Walmart really could care less about its employees anymore. Sam Walton would NOT be proud if he were alive today.

  6. Shelby says

    Shannon, I agree with the statement that Walmart “ONLY” pays $18 an hour because there are numerous companies paying double that. Why work at Walmart or a fast food place making $18/hour when you can work for an oil company and make $24-$36? A majority of the people that move here come here FOR the “big bucks.” Their mind isn’t set on, “Well I’ll just go there to help out the retail shops and restaurants or hospitals. I don’t want $30+ dollars an hour.” I was born and raised in Williston. I’ve seen this town take a change for the worse. What we NEED is more hospital personel, nurses, CHR, CNA, doctors, etc. We need people to work at the retail stores and restaurants and small businesses to KEEP THEM OPEN! If everyone is coming for the OIL, of course Walmart is going to look like this. Of course restaurants will cut their hours or close their lobbies. That’s what happens when there’s an influx of people who would RATHER make $30+/hour than what around here seems like a MEASLY $18/hour. Yes, most would LOVE that much. Many people across our country are happy making minimum wage, but around here, $18/hour basically IS minimum wage. It’s rough.

  7. My Life in Williston says

    I don’t think that anyone in this country is happy making minimum wage. It’s just not reality and in most parts of the country, minimum wage is not a living wage.

  8. haley says

    maybe they should offer $25 bucks an hour since the cost of living is much higher there. Cannot even imagine what these cashiers have to deal with.

  9. Kim says

    Very well written interesting article. How much have things changed since this was first written? Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places, but I can’t find current information on life in Williston. There are a few people on Facebook, but most don’t go into detail, and then you have the “people” who just seem to talk about stupid truck drivers, or blame everything on water haulers ( guess I’m missing the joke) and the language they use is horrible. It seems to me things are somewhat better in Minot, but I’m basing that on old information. Any suggestions to find current information that is written by a intelligent person who doesn’t come across with a chip on their shoulders or use of 4 letter words?

  10. Brian says

    I would just pull my items out of the boxes in the isles if they were not stocked on the shelves yet (if ever). Williston needs more shopping options… even a Sam’s Club, lso found that the best times to shop were during the day when MOST of the oil workers were in the field

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