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Walmart, it was a good day!

walmart shopping

So I went to Wal-Mart today. It was my once a month trip. It was good for a few reasons. First we only spent 15 minutes in line. Hallelujah! Second, the shelves were decently stocked, no weaving our way around pallets today. I found everything I needed and a few things I didn’t. Third, I came in under budget! I spent only 150.00 instead of the 300.00 that I typically do. ┬áPersonally, I’m thinking this is because we went to Applebee’s first so I wasn’t walking around like a hungry zombie randomly pulling crap into my cart.

Walmart in Williston

Walmart in Williston

Shopping is NOT fun here. I repeat… oh never mind, you get the point. The worst thing for me is that there are no fun places to shop. I’m not a big spender when it comes to just buying superfulous stuff. I like to window shop though and you can’t do that here. Walmart doesn’t count. There are no malls, and very very few mom and pop stores. I can see I’m going ot have to travel into Canada soon to find something to look at.