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The Secret to Really Great Tacos plus a Low Carb Option

low carb tacos

We love tacos. Anything you can wrap in a corn shell has my vote. So when I’m eating low carb, this is hard for me because I love soft corn shells filled with all kinds of goodness but it’s stricly off limits. A few years back I stumbled on a low carb taco shell that claimed to be authenitc and low carb. I bought a case of them.

Smooth Cilantro Salsa

smooth cilantro salsa

Chips and salsa. Who could resist. This is such an easy and delightfully wonderful thing to make. It will be the first thing to disappear.

Eating Low Carb Works for Me

low carb foods

For some reason when I start talking about eating a low carb diet, it gets some people all worked up. You have to decide what’s best for you and what works for you. For me, the science backs me up on this but I should say up front that not all carbs are evil.

The Beauty of Bountiful Baskets

bb 500

If I haven’t already mentioned it, I’m a food snob. It’s not that I won’t eat things that are “bad” for you because I certainly do but rather I’m picky about where and what I buy. It doesn’t always make sense. I won’t buy produce from Walmart (can you say Monsanto?) but I’ll drink diet mountain dew knowing full well the vile things that are in it (look up BVO). For the record I’m trying to quit. 

Coffee Fix


I’m going to tell you right now, don’t take away my coffee. I don’t care if the doctor says that I’m on the edge of death, I’ll die with a cup of coffee in my hand.

So it begins again

polish pottery

Fitness? Fitness in the Bakken? hahahaha. While I have seen a few brave souls out there, I won’t be walking or running or anything in between on ice and snow. That’s out. The nearest fitness gym is too far to bother especially when we are juggling one car right now and well, work takes priority. My husband would think I was REALLY crazy if I told him he couldn’t go to work today because I needed the car so I could go to the gym and exercise my ass. No, that’s out too.