June 10th Elections: Why the Parks and Rec Board Candidates Deserve Your Attention

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Although it seems to be what everyone is talking about, the elections on June 10th will decide more than just the Mayor’s seat. The school board seats and the Parks and Recreation are also two areas that deserve your time and consideration.

Celebrating Memorial Day

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Living a good life, treating others well, raising my children, working hard… those are wonderful and admirable things but they are only possible because someone else was willing to sacrifice for me so that I could be free to live my life as I wanted to. 

Voting in North Dakota. It’s Easy so NO Excuses.

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In the last election for the Mayor of Williston, only 1,990 votes were cast (2010). We can’t let that happen again. The only way to force change is to do your part and cast a vote.

Finding a Job in Williston or the Bakken. What You Need to Know.

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Are you thinking about coming to Williston because you have heard about all the jobs, the higher rate of pay and the streets lined with gold? Let’s cut through the myths and focus on what the reality is so if you decide to come our way, you know exactly what you’re getting into. This advice is not exclusive to Williston either, apply this same logic to any area in the Bakken.

Williston’s Race for Mayor. The Most Important Election in Our City’s History.

Mayor Election in Williston

This is going to be a long post so settle in. A few weeks back I was standing in Books on Broadway (if you have not been there, it really is a treasure of a shop) talking to Jim Purkey. I went there specifically to talk to him. He is running for Mayor and out of the three candidates I knew the least about him. It was while I was standing there that I realized maybe I was missing the bigger picture. For anyone looking at Williston from a place far away, this might just seem like a small town race for Mayor. Anyone here will tell you different. It makes little difference whether you have lived here for a year or all your life, this race may just be the most important election in the history of a little town called Williston.

Well Played Mother Nature

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Just when you start to get comfortable and the cold hard shell of Winter has finally cracked… mother nature reminds you that you should never really get comfortable. After all, she’s in charge. It’s almost May for crying out loud. Can we get a break here? The sun has been shining now for almost two weeks, the grass is growing again, I see green peeking out everywhere. I’m willing to forget this little transgression if you are.

Autism Perspective.

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The following is a letter written by a child born with Autism. He was 15 at the time he wrote this and while his life has flourished since, the sentiments are still relevant today. Since April is Autism Awareness month, I thought I would share.

The Culture of North Dakota. Family First.

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I think we all need to be humbled in life. I’m spoiled, I know it. My parents are hard working. You never had to drag my father out of a bar and I don’t think I’ve heard him raise his voice once (I definitely didn’t inherit that trait) my whole life. He is the only man I know that can instill fear with a look. As for my mother, she has the most giving heart, even to her own detriment at times. She could make an occasion the event of a lifetime even if she only had $5.00 to do it. I suffered no horrors from my childhood. I didn’t have to struggle and I never went to bed hungry. I never had to work a field or go without. So on occasion being humbled is good for me. I think it helps me remember not only where I came from but where I’m going. It helps me to remember that no matter what my difficulties are the struggles that my ancestors had to get through is the reason I exist today. If we trace our roots back far enough, most of us will find a family member or two that immigrated to this country. It doesn’t even matter which country they came from, it only matters that they came, they struggled and they persevered.

Chicago Hot Dogs Hiding in Plain Sight in Williston?

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Food is expensive here, ok? I think that should be the new city slogan. In fact, it’s at least 30% more expensive than everywhere else I have visited in this country. When people talk about food here, it’s almost mandatory that you mention this, as if everyone doesn’t already know it. That being said. today my husband and I paid $14.00 for two hotdogs. No drink, so sides, no chips… just the dogs. It was the best $14.00 that we have spent eating out in a long time. This little gem of a place has been hiding in plain sight, I never knew it was here. The owner doesn’t advertise. That’s fine but what happens is, unless you’re in the know, you just don’t know. So here is some free advertising from a very happy customer.

It is Never Too Late to do the Right Thing. This Means YOU North Dakota.

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Imagine living near a field of wild flowers, growing as far as the eye can see. A place that is beautiful. Sadly, where there is beauty, there is often something working to destroy it. You must be constantly vigilant. Always standing guard. You must keep those weeds at bay. If you turn your back for too long, the weeds will over run this field and choke the flowers and all that is beautiful. The flowers will wither and die, leaving only a field of weeds. Maybe from a distance it will look green and luscious but up close the truth will be glaringly obvious. If living in North Dakota has made me feel anything, it is that I feel like I am living near such a field, one that is constantly under threat of being overrun by weeds.